Heart of Fire is an inspirational memoir and spiritual self-help book. This a compelling raw testimony from a deeply personal experience and perspective of an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life navigating the journey through the shores of life and bringing meaning of such adversity to light. Facing life head on from a personal and professional testimony to experiences of Divine Intervention that is beyond logical explanation.

This book is a conversation about having a faith in something greater than ourselves along with discussion on love, mental health issues, wellbeing and relationships on all fronts. It contemplates turning up the volume, whatever our background or environment and to take the next steps to resolve, and to live for purpose and to be ourselves unapologetically and to go forward in life by defining who we are and being the best versions of we can be, claiming our dreams and finding our true-life purpose along the way.

Tayo draws upon her extensive personal and professional experiences and observations of the medical and legal profession with consideration to spiritual principles and life insight.    

Heart of Fire is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format.