Born in London and raised in foster care on a farm in rural Hertfordshire, following an extremely difficult upbringing, experiencing violence, abuse and bullying, which led to near emotional breakdown. Tayo reflects on overcoming anxiety, depression and addiction to prescription drugs amongst the many challenges and dramas of life.

Such a turbulent life led Tayo to seek deeper spiritual insight, meaning and purpose in life and achieve great successes against the odds following her belief of Divine Intervention and spiritual guidance. From a sheer determination to live a life consisting of unconditional (self) love, compassion, forgiveness and happiness, with a desire to share her story and to help inspire, encourage and be of service to others. This has led for a passion to counsel others to live life in greater freedom, love and light through her attained wisdom and knowledge and to contribute in making a positive difference in the world.

Tayo writes about life experience and provides spiritual insight and antidotes she has learned and practices to share and help motivate others along their journey of the soul. From testimony and guidance to enable others to overcome the challenges that life often presents and in turn to find and live in greater harmony according to our true-life purpose. Through application of self-help practice based on her introspection and self-reflection which has resulted in transformation and healing in her own life.

Tayo is employed as a litigation barrister for the Local Authority. Previous areas of speciality focused on public law, regulatory and criminal law. She has extensive experience prosecuting and defending in the crown court and has appeared at the Court of Appeal. This followed a previous career in the medical profession serving on the frontline of the busy London Ambulance Service attending all manner of emergency call outs.

Tayo has had a passion for books since the age of a young child and over the years has consumed a huge variation of fiction and non-fiction, whilst coinciding with a dream of being an author in her own right.