Tayo is a spiritual self-help author/writer and inspirational speaker and life coach.

Welcome to my website, thank you so much for visiting.

Here, I hope to be of guidance to you through my writings, talks, spiritual insights and my book, which is a raw, compelling autobiography and inspirational self-help book of dealing with life tribulations and overcoming them and finding the joy in life, (details to follow soon) You can also find my blog on life perspectives and follow me on social media, – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Divine Intervention, Universal Guidance and Faith is the key to bringing more balance, healing and harmony to the apparent turbulent world we live in. We can be all be ordinary people living extraordinary lives no matter the appearance!

I believe that is more important than ever to reach out and to connect with each other and to contribute in raising the love vibration of our world through sharing our testimony, miracles and encouraging others to accomplish great things in our lives, ‘even through as little as a random act of kindness…’ which can bring so much joy collectively. I hope that you will connect with me and others on my blog.

I am based in the London area but see myself as a universal companion, to help bring more love, light, inspiration, wisdom and encouragement in this world for all those that seek and all those who do not know how.

I give public talks as an inspirational/motivational speaker for my book and related subject matter, please see the link for further details and contact information.

Lets’ get inspired!

If you would like any more information, please get in touch through the contact section here.